“EVALAR” is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Russia, the country’s absolute leader in the volume of released natural preparations for health preservation and promotion.
Our company’s profile is development and production of natural medicines and dietary supplements and also development of “EVALAR” pharmacy chain.
“EVALAR” Company possesses the honorary title “Number one trademark in Russia”, “EVALAR” Company is the winner of the prize “Health idea” among Russian and foreign natural dietary supplement manufacturers as a “Year Best Manufacturer” in 2006, 2007, and 2008. It has also won many other special prizes and awards.
“EVALAR” offers extensive product line of over 120 medicines and dietary supplements in different product forms: pills, capsules, tinctures, instant drinks in sachet, tisanes and teas in tea-bags, oils, creams, beauty aids in tubes.
All the products have 100% natural plant, mineral or animal origin.
The quantity of medicines in the company’s product portfolio is constantly growing as we develop new original preparations possessing evident clinical efficacy.
“EVALAR” was the first company in Russia to adopt the global experience in creation the complete cycle of production in one company: beginning with cultivation and processing medicinal herbs, producing extracts and finishing with end products packing.
All the production area, equipment and production processes at “EVALAR” completely meet the requirements of GMP quality standards, licence requirements and conditions.

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